IMG_1047My passion for animals has been with me since I was a little girl. Being born and raised in the ‘concrete jungle’ of Hong Kong, I was fortunate to have parents who loved animals as much as I do. Surrounded by my own cats, terrapins, birds, fish, rabbits and hamsters – I was considered Dr. Dolittle at home! I realized very early on what my purpose in life was, that is, taking care of animals.

After graduating from university, I started on my path in the animal welfare and pet industry in Hong Kong, working as a vet assistant/administrator for Animal Medical Centre. I went on to work as a kennel-carer at PAWS Patas, an animal shelter in the South of Spain, and later as kennel manager and vet assistant at ARK – Animal Refuge Kansai in Osaka, Japan, where I also assisted in establishing their welfare branch in Tokyo.

In 2007 after eight years in Japan, I dropped everything and returned home to Hong Kong with my adopted lovely and loyal German shepherd mix, Kana, to help in an unrelated family business while completing my studies for Cert. II in Animal Studies. It was a new transition for both of us, the biggest challenge of which was adjusting to the vibrant, fast-paced city life of Hong Kong. My busy schedule no longer allowed me to work from home and so I spent less and less time with my dog. She gained weight, she began having separation anxiety problems, and she grew fussy about her food, which she didn’t like. In 2010, three years after bringing her to Hong Kong, Kana had an accident and I was to find out she had developed bone cancer. She passed away just four months later.

This was a total shock to me, one that was not easy to overcome. I subsequently quit my office job and left the family business. I left Hong Kong to travel and do some soul searching… A few months later I decided to come back – this time to follow my passion to help animals again.  Pitter Patter Pet Care was created in 2010, a tribute to my Kana – she reminded me that my true passion and love lies in caring for and working with animals. Kana taught me to stay grounded and of the importance of staying true to oneself, one’s calling. It was all about taking responsibility and being committed and honest in whatever you do. Being who you are and doing what you love… This is at the very core of what Pitter Patter Pet Care stands for.

My philosophy is to provide a real service in the comfort of your own home. You and your pet should feel comfortable and assured that what you are getting is real, authentic service and from the heart. I focus on working with animals, spending a lot of time observing their behavior, characteristics and energy so I know how to bond and build that trust. It’s very important to work with them one-on-one. We are all different, so are animals.

I integrate holistic methods such as animal communication/healing, advice on nutrition and modern medicine if required, so that your pet can be treated in the best, safest and least stressful way possible. Pitter Patter Pet Care also has a professional dog trainer on board to assist with any behavioral issues and/or basic puppy training.

We treat your pet like it were ours, like a family member…

In addition to being an animal care professional, I am also an avid pet photographer and offer pet photography services upon request. (Please click here to see my gallery)

I look forward to assisting you with all your pet care needs!

My “Kana”